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God and the Concept of Being

Many thinkers believe we must begin our reflections on God with the concept of being as a a box into which all existing things are placed. This results in many problems. However, we can begin our reflections on God in a different place.

Anthropogenic Cognition in Religion and Nature

This talk uses cognitive linguistics which affirms the embodied mind approach gaining ground in cognitive science to consider natural kinds. The claim is that humans use a basic mental tool set grounded in our sensorimotor capacities to reason about entities we interact with in our environment. The specific nature of the human body is key to understanding how humans cognize. I will examine several of these tools and show how they are used to construe natural kinds as well as God.

Biblical predictions

Ways open theists interpret biblical predictions. I’ve written in The God Who Risks that most biblical prophecies do not contain predictions of future events. Prophecies are most often about challenging people to walk the path of God. Yet, there are statements in the Bible that predict or seem to predict specific future events. These passages […]