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How to talk with Authoritatives

A common question after people read my book or hear my presentation is how can Nurturants have constructive discussions with Authoritatives? Below are some suggestions. Dr. John Sanders, author of Embracing Prodigals: Overcoming Authoritative Religion by Embracing Jesus’ Nurturing Grace (2020). Patience. Changing neural pathways takes time. If people are a mix of Authoritaive and […]

Future of Open Theism

The Future of Open Theism by Richard Rice (2020) is a wonderful book. The first part covers its development and reception. Rice does a terrific job of surveying the history of this idea, including forerunners such as McCabe and Olson. He explains how the book, The Openness of God, came about and summarizes the books […]

God Who Trusts

The God Who Trusts by Curtis Holtzen (2019). “God loves to trust” says the author. This means that God places hope in others and has faith in us to succeed. God believes in us. Most of us are aware of how motivating it is when someone we respect says they believe in us. Now think […]

Muslim Scholarship on Open Theism

Some Islamic scholars affirmed dynamic omniscience. Some in the Qadarite school (eighth century) and Abd al-Jabbar, an important figure of the Mu’tazilite school (tenth century). See Michael Lodahl, “The (Brief) Openness Debate in Islamic Theology” in Thomas J. Oord ed., Creation Made Free: Open Theology Engaging Science (Pickwick, 2009), 55, 59. Muslim thinkers whose view […]