What is Religious Pluralism?

Religious pluralism is about how the followers of the major world religions regard those who practice another religion. Throughout history Christians have addressed this matter and formulated an assortment of positions ranging from other religions have no truth or redemptive value in them to other religions have truth and value but not the ultimate truth to all religions are equal in truth and value.

A Little About Hell

What is hell like? Who goes there? Is residency permanent or is there hope that people will change to love God and then experience eternal life? Christians have set forth a range of views. My writings survey these views examining who has held them and why. More recently, I’ve written about evangelical debates about whether or not everyone will ultimately be redeemed by Jesus.

A Little About the Unevangelized

The unevangelized are those who have not been evangelized. That is, they have never heard about the salvation in Jesus or have not heard it adequately. A major question that Christians have asked for centuries is: if Jesus is the only savior then what about those who are not Christians? Is there any hope for their salvation? My writings survey the range of views Christians have held on this topic from salvation is not possible for the unevangelized to all people, including those who have never heard of Jesus, will experience salvation in Jesus. I have defended a specific view known as inclusivism which holds that there is hope because God makes the redemption in Jesus available even to those who have never heard of Jesus.

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