No Other Name: An Investigation into the Destiny of the Unevangelized

How can God be just if he condemns those who have never heard the gospel to an eternity in hell? This book provides a biblical, historical and theological investigation of this major unresolved problem in Christian theology.

The book discusses a range of views affirmed by Christians. Sanders coined the term “restrictivism” for the view that Christian salvation is possible only for those who have heard about the gospel of Jesus and put their faith in Jesus prior to their death. Those who die without knowing about Jesus cannot inherit eternal life.

The second view he discusses is universalism according to which every human who has ever lived will be redeemed.

Between these polar views are what Sanders calls the “wider hope” and he spends the most time on two views in this category. One is what he calls eschatological evangelization or postmortem salvation. In this view if a person dies without having heard of Jesus then he or she will encounter Jesus after death and be provided an opportunity to put their faith in Jesus.

The final position Sanders covers is the one he affirms: inclusivism. The unevangelized are saved by the work of Jesus if they respond in faith to God based on the revelation they have available.

Forward by: Clark H. Pinnock

Published: SPCK in U.K., Eerdmans in U.S.A., 1994 republished with Wipfnstock.