God Who Trusts

The God Who Trusts by Curtis Holtzen (2019).

“God loves to trust” says the author. This means that God places hope in others and has faith in us to succeed. God believes in us. Most of us are aware of how motivating it is when someone we respect says they believe in us. Now think of God saying that to you. I wrote the foreword for this book and recommend it.

The book explains the ways in which God trusts humans to cooperate with God to carry out divine programs. The book’s main chapters are “God loves,” “God believes,” “God trusts,” and “God hopes.” Each chapter provides biblical and theological support for these ideas and explains the practical difference they can make in our lives. That God entrusts many things to us means that God takes risks that these goals may not be achieved to the degree God desires. With a world-wide pandemic going on, God trusts us to care for one another and work for the common good.

John Sanders

John E. Sanders is an American theologian who is a professor of religious studies at Hendrix College. He has published on four main topics: (1) open theism, (2) Christian views on the salvation of non-Christians, (3) Christian views on the nature of hell, and (4) applying cognitive linguistics to theology.

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